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Adeel Shah (Exclusive)


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R- Rashid Al Amiri, adeel, Mohammed Al Kaabi, Managing Director, of Al Serkal Group.

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Meeting with Al Serkal Group in Dubai.

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Independence - Avenue: VOA Urdu Web TV Show

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- Cafe DC: Interview of (Mr. Adeel Shah)
founding president of the US-Pakistan Business Council.

On July 2, 2013, interviewed by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg TV interview.

AT the Launch, giving interviiw to TV Asia which was then aired.

Taking questions from audiences.

Explaining his views on 'leaderless revolution' for the audience.

Congressman Hall, Adeel Shah, and Judge Bynum.

Adeel Shah, Congressman Burton, Ambassador Kader Jaffer.

Adeel Shah, Mian Mansha, and Rob Holmes.

Meeting with the founder of Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins.

Adeel meets with president Musharraf at his residence in Maryland.

President Musharraf, Adeel, Raza, and Shahzad at Starbucks, New York.

Adeel meets with Governor Sind Dr. Khan, Mayor Karachi Mustafa Kamal, and US Ambassador Chamberlin at his residence in Maryland.

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